Phase I & Phase 2 SBIR Grantee

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The Attention Arcade is easy to use at home. It requires a computer running Windows 10 and a Tobii 4C eye tracker (available at We recommend a monitor that is 17" or larger because it requires players to integrate over a larger space. Once the eye tracker installed, it is easy to install the Attention Arcade and start playing. The important aspect of playing at home is to develop a schedule to ensure the training is being engaged regularly. Much like exercise, it only helps if you train consistently.​


You can learn more about the Attention Arcade, the science behind it, and who it could help to see if it is a good fit for your situation.


The Attention Arcade includes a one-year license of:

  • 6 attention training games that each train different aspects of attention
  • 3 assessments to measure improvements in different aspects of attention
  • reporting tools to see how much your child is playing and which games


To play the Attention Arcade, you also need an eye tracker, which can be purchased at

Attention Arcade Attention - 12-week license