Phase I & Phase 2 SBIR Grantee

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Who the Attention Arcade™ Could Help

In the pilot clinical trial, the Attention Arcade improved attention skills in children and young adults diagnosed with autism including those who also had ADHD symptoms (even though some were not formally diagnosed with ADHD). 

You can learn more about the science behind it.

While the games may help others with attention challenges, we do not have the data to support that yet. We are working on collecting more data because we want to help as many children with attention challenges as possible.

Target Ages: 7-12 years old

The games have shown benefits in individuals up to age 25; however, we have found in user testing that the games are most engaging for children ages 7-12.


Recommended Training Time: 20+ minutes per day

Players should train for 20-30 minutes per day 5 days per week over 8-12 weeks to see maximum benefits. That is why it is important that they are engaged.

How Fast Should We See Results?

Improvements are closely tied to the amount of time played. If a child is playing daily for 20 minutes or more, you could see results in as little as 4 weeks with significant improvements possible after 8 weeks.