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BrainLeap helps individuals with autism and ADHD lead fuller lives through science-based interventions

Improving Attention Helps Children Achieve More


With the right intervention, a child with autism or ADHD can improve attention and reduce distractibility. BrainLeap's attention training games, developed at UC San Diego, can help children achieve more. Better attention regulation improves focus and leads to better academic outcomes.

“The immediate result was definitely better focus on homework tasks. But what I noticed overall was an improved ability in his executive functioning (something he has struggled with): he was able to organize his thoughts and his tasks better and had the ability to multitask without losing his original train of thought.”

 - Patty J., Parent

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You play the games using only your eyes. The games use eye movements to train focus and attention which increases classroom readiness.

The Attention Training Games

BrainLeap's attention training games are played using an eye tracker that follows your eyes. This attention training suite was developed for use at home or school which allows for greater flexibility and more hours of distributed training.

The games train different principles of eye movement and attention control such as:

  • fast and accurate shifts

  • inhibitory control

  • increasing field-of-view

  • fixation control

  • fast visual search

  • looking ahead to improve and encourage movement planning

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