Phase I & Phase 2 SBIR Grantee

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“This is a great way to help my son increase his attention and focus. In a few weeks, we could see how he was able to stay on task for longer periods of time.”
- Julia F., Parent

“The students love it!”
- Bruce Cochrane, Director of Special Education
   South Bay Union School District


"My son has always had trouble looking me in the eye when I wanted to have a serious conversation with him. Last week, when I told him to look in my eyes, He said, 'Just like in the arcade.' He can do it easily now."
- Paul G., Parent


"Students love it so far. Some of them think they have superpowers!"

- Seth Schiering 

   Lead Education Specialist

   Urban Discovery Academy
 “The immediate result was definitely better focus on the homework tasks. But what I noticed overall was an improved ability in his executive functioning (something he has struggled with): he was able to organize his thoughts and his tasks better and had the ability to multitask without losing his original train of thought.”
 - Patty J., Parent
 “Both my sons report improved hand-eye coordination, focus, attention and tracking. In particular, they found that their peripheral vision improved which facilitated driving and blind spot detection.”
 - Sandi H., Parent